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The Ficocs range of 19 1HU rack mount patchpanels are available in all standard connector types. These panels can be supplied unloaded, part or fully loaded. Preloaded panels can be supplied in either standard configuration of 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24 way or can be custom loaded. The Ficocs fixed optical fibre patch system in its basic form is supplied with the panels unloaded ready for you to install the adapter of your choice, pre-loaded complete with the required adapter and simple splice management kit, or supplied with preterminated cable to meet your project needs.

FICOCS 19 1HU sliding patch panels have been cost engineered to offer excellent value for money whilst retaining high strength and appearance characteristics. A highly flexible design, these panels are suitable for a range of different applications. Sliding tray panel is part of a new totally flexible system. The tray is locked in place with two simple to operate plastic catches. When fully extended the tray is designed to lower to 45, or move the tray to the side and it will lock to lower only 10. This provides the perfect working platform for simple installation or maintenance.

Possibility of having 48 fibres in a single patch panel of 1HU with our solution.

Black color

Fixed or Sliding

Drawer style, tilt and slide tray
lowers to 45 for simple installation or

ST, SC, SC duplex, FC, MT-RJ, LC duplex, MU, VF45

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